Each verse of the Tao Te Ching can have several meanings, all dependent on your own perspective. Since the glyph for Tao is both a noun and verb, we can read it as way, guide or another word from this family of thought. As a group, we all walk the same path and experience different things. As individuals, we can walk the same path many times, learning different things each time.

What you’ll see here are not translations, but rather my personal responses inspired by these ancient verses. The background photos are my own, captured along my own path. The number you’ll see in the corner of each image is my source verse within the Tao. Feel free to find a translation you’re comfortable with to create your own interpretations and responses.

If you find a verse that resonates with you, you can click on it. You’ll see that it’s tagged with a topic or theme. If you click on the particular tag, you’ll find other, similar verses sourced in the Tao. If you’d like to share a verse on social media, you’ll find the tools for that, as well. Enjoy.

If you’d like to know a bit more about the Tao and my view of it, simply click on My Tao.

Feel free to check out the sampler gallery or wander through any of the galleries that might strike your fancy. I hope you like them and you’re welcome to share them. Many thanks.

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